Writer Disappears In Plain Sight

I wonder if that’s how many of those writers participating in the National Novel Writing Month feel. Like they have disappeared but no one notices. “Disappeared” because their thoughts are so focused on the story going on in their heads.” In plain sight” may be up to more interpretation. I guess that would depend on how absent they are when plotting and writing stories at other times of the year.

I jumped into the NaNo challenge without the usual pre-writing I do when starting a new project. Especially one of the word count involved—50,000 words. For the past six months, I have been concentrating on short projects. I was coming off a creative block that went on so long I was embarrassed to still call myself a writer. So the goal was to produce several stories and cast them out to potential publishers.  Five contracts later I’m  happy with the results.

But now I’m faced with my NaNo story, working title of Mirror Images. Luckily, I chose to set the action in a fictional city I created for a previous story, Dreams of Gold, that is due out next year from The Wild Rose Press. That takes care of the historical setting and some of the characters. Because readers like to see what happens with the hero and heroine of previous stories, I get to continue Quinn and Ciara’s story line.

I might be feeling a bit of pity for myself but on some level, I must have wanted this challenge. Am I’m experiencing chutzpah that I wrote those other stories and succeeded? Or just seeing how the other type of writers—those who let the story take them where it will—produce their stories?

Don’t know the answer but if you’re interested, keep checking in.


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