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April 24 through April 26, 2017

Sponsored by the Highway Cafe including members from the Trans Canada Romance Writers, this tour introduces you to 17 total authors with posts about spring and giveaways. Links to all participating authors is here.

My anticipation of spring may be different than that experienced by others.  My current residence is a cabin set on Forest Service land in the southern California mountains. Because of the strict guidelines about keeping the area in its natural state, I don’t get to enjoy tulips or other spring flowers or see the blossoming of cherry or almond trees. So I’ve learned to appreciate the difference in the wildlife during my five years here. I notice the return of the stellar jays and woodpeckers  to the trees (as long as they stay there and don’t peck on my cabin walls) and incorporate their caws and  rat-a-tat sounds, as well as the swishing of the leaves, into my background sounds.

While sitting on my front deck, I saw the chipmunks and squirrels have started their inspection of the camp, too. Watching their antics always brings a smile.

The other day I was thrilled to spot a bobcat running across the road less than a quarter mile from our camp. I even slowed to a stop and just stared at where it hunkered behind a log.  On the next trip away from home, I saw a juvenile coyote trotting alongside the road.

The new life always brings a sense of looking forward and wondering what’s yet to come. Spend at least a few minutes outside everyday and find something in your area that brings enjoyment.


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11 thoughts on “Spring ‘Tastic Tour”

  1. Linda, how lucky are you that your cabin has a wonderful view of nature and the creatures within it. I’d sit on the deck all day and just watch the critters passing by 🙂

  2. How interesting to live on the edge of the forest. We spend a lot of time in the forest camping and notice the spring changes in the wildlife and the native flowers. We are able to enjoy the normal spring flowers in our own yard too. Enjoyed your post.

    1. Tena, we used to camp but now we get away in a small (20′) RV about once a month. Funny thing is, we usually go to a forest setting–just on a different mountain.

  3. What a fascinating post! I love wildlife, although the wildlife we have in the UK is quite different to what you have. I’d love to see a wild chipmunk – and a bobcat! Where I live in the UK, it’s mainly fairly ordinary animals like squirrels, rabbits and hares, badgers and the occasional deer, still great to watch though. I do agree there is nothing quite like spending time outdoors!

  4. I also live on the edge of a national and a state forest but have the luxury of a private yard as well. The best of both worlds though I think I prefer those wilder and more serendipitous sightings. You are absolutely correct that a few minutes outside is good for the soul. Enjoy!

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