Character Interview—The Adventures of Chloe Ann Parker by Paula Mowery

Welcome to Chloe, the protagonist of The Adventures of Chloe Ann Parker

How about you introduce yourself by providing the basics?

My name is Chloe Ann Parker. I’m in Kindergarten and had to move right in the middle of the year. My momma and daddy don’t seem too worried about it, but I’m not quite sure about a new school, new teacher, new friends, and new neighbors. That’s a lot of news!

Family members?

There’s me, my momma, and my daddy. My daddy is a pastor. He’s the reason we had to move. He’s going to be the preacher at another church. My momma doesn’t work, but she does.

What do you like most about your new school?

I have the bestest teacher named Mrs. Potts. She is like Mary Poppins – super-frogalicious!

Are you a pet person?

I do like animals, especially dogs. I think it would be neat to be a vegetarian when I grow up so I can take care of animals.

List your favorite movie of all time and why.

Even though Mommy says that it is an old movie, I like Mary Poppins. Who wouldn’t like to go on the adventures she goes on? And there’s singing. I like singing.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Can you believe that our neighbor, Mrs. Smith, accused me of stealing her dog? Yep, she’s a grumpy bear. She wears a fluffy pink bathrobe in the middle of the day! Momma always says that wearing that kind of clothes is for bed time.



Chloe Ann Parker is in kindergarten but must move to a new school right in the middle of the year. Not only does she have to get used to a new teacher and make new friends, but she has to try to get along with her grumpy neighbor, Mrs. Smith. Chloe has the opportunity to become a real hero, learn responsibility, and learn some valuable lessons in this kindergarten adventure.


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Paula Mowery

Paula Mowery has always been an avid reader of Christian fiction, especially romances of all sub-genres. She holds a Master of Education and taught English/Language Arts in public school and then came home to educate her own daughter, first through twelfth grades. She teaches at writing conferences such as the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

Paula is a published author in Christian fiction. One reviewer stated that her writing “thunders with emotion.” Her novella, Be The Blessing, won the 2014 Selah Award. Her story, The Prayer Shawl, from the book, Legacy and Love, was a finalist in The Carolyn Readers’ Choice Awards from North Texas Romance Writers of America. Her devotions have also been included in several devotional anthologies. Connect with her on her blog,

A bit about how the book came to be:

The TAG blog is where Chloe Ann Parker was born. Her story has appeared in a serialized and somewhat condensed fashion as weekly posts. T. A. G. stands for Tomorrow’s Author Guild. The goal of this program is to encourage the writers of the future. Because lack of purpose can equal lack of motivation, writing lessons are created and taught with the aim of sparking interest in the student and providing a platform in which to practice good writing skills. The writing lessons are created to help alleviate some of the pressure and demands of teachers so that they can accomplish the writing objectives in fresh ways. Through the support of Prism Book Group, the children will have the opportunity to see their work in print and digital forms and available for purchase.

The Adventures of Chloe Ann Parker contains the posts but has been expanded into a short chapter book. The original discussion questions/writing prompts which accompanied those posts are available in the back of the book.

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