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Another Facet I Possess-Self-Editing class teacher

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Credit for the above image is given to Coachingconnection.weebly.com BUT get this, the poster is geared to encourage second graders on their their writing. Each item applies to grown-up writing, as well.

A big part of being a writer, if your goal is to have others pay to read your work, is rewriting. A well-known author (wish I remember who) said, “At least fifty percent of writing is revision.” Everything you imagine as being important for the story you’re telling doesn’t come out sounding, or more importantly reading, in the smoothest manner as soon as your fingers stop on the keyboard. If you are one of those authors who can manage a perfect first draft, then stop reading.

If not, then you might be interested in a class I teach called Self-Editing for Fiction Writers which will run next week.

Rose’s Self-Editing Workshop

October 9-16, 2016

Want to learn how to sharpen and deepen Point of View?

Never learned the difference between Show vs Tell?

Want to perk up the pace of your prose?

Need help pinpointing weak spots in your writing style?


Your Instructor: Linda Carroll-Bradd, owner of Lustre Editing

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

This workshop will provide tips so you will tighten your sentence and paragraph structure to make your writing shine! Through the use of checklists, topical lectures and structured writing/revision exercises for each lesson, I supply tangible examples of what to look for and how to fix it. You’ll get interactive assistance from freelance editor and award-winning author, Linda Carroll-Bradd.

Replacing Passive Voice with Active voice

Identifying Power words to pump up your sentences

Eliminating implied or unnecessary words to tighten pacing

Identifying misplaced modifiers, dangling participles and how to fix this structure

Learn techniques to sharpen and deepen Point Of View

Increase the level of Show Vs Tell in your writing

Grammar & Punctuation Refresher

Claim your personal Style and Voice


To enroll, send your $25 payment through Paypal from the workshop page on http://www.rosescoloredglasses.com/WSSelfEdit.htm

Deadline for enrollment is October 10. (introductions, 1st lesson posted on 10/9)


“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for teaching the Self-Editing class on Rose’s Colored Glasses. I took the class earlier this year and by applying what I learned to my manuscript, I managed to final in a RWA Chapter contest.”

“… even more than the wonderful tips and checklist and exercises, this workshop taught us how to discipline ourselves, which I love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Thank you. I am more aware of what is entailed to be a writer. I need way more training, LOL.”

“This was by far the BEST class I’ve taken. I learned so much, I’m sure it will all come in handy.”


Upcoming Self-Editing Workshop

I’m teaching “Catch An Editor’s Eye with Active Writing” from May 11-15. In this workshop, 5 craft areas will be explained, with incorrect structures given as examples and a revision of each provided. The craft issues highlighted are:

  • active versus passive verb tense
  • reduction of adverbs and boosting verbs
  • strengthening expletive construction
  • cause and effect structure
  • position of power words

The cool thing is participants will work on 10 or 15 pages (total number depends on class enrollment) from their own manuscripts. So by the end of the week, you will have completed 5 drafts of revision. Workshop is taught through Yahoo Groups administered by Trans Canada Romance Writers. Registration deadline is May 10th.