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My Sexy Saturday–On With The Show


This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time and focuses on couples who have known each other a long time. This theme fits perfectly with the story in my novella, On With The Show, that includes high school sweethearts who meet up years later. Read on and enjoy…

The steering wheel jerked in his hands, and Dietz pulled his full attention back to the road. Too many sideways glances at the tense woman illuminated by the dashboard lights could put the SUV in the roadside ditch. Hell, he shouldn’t enjoy seeing the flash in her whiskey-colored eyes and her lips tighten into a straight line. But he did…always had.

Probably why his marriage to Trina had only lasted two years. She’d been too damn compliant. Too late, he’d learned a passive personality wasn’t what he’d wanted in a partner. “How are you faring in the big city?”

“Big city? You make Houston sound like another planet.” A deep inhale sounded and she ducked her head. “Sorry. I’m primed for my family to ask the same question. Guess I shouldn’t take out my frustration on you.” Shifting in her seat, she turned and her lips spread in a smile.

His gut tightened. In a flash, he hurled backward more than a decade when her light brown eyes focused on him with adoration. Regret ran through him and he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “Just asking if you’re still happy there.” When what he really wanted to ask was if she’d ever thought about moving back home. About giving life in small town Texas another chance. Don’t go there, don’t open those old wounds.

The truck jostled over a pothole and his hand shot out to hold her back, the sleeve of his coat brushing her breast. Smooth, Reinhardt. “Sorry.” He barely got out the words on a whispered breath. Then he dropped his arm to rest his elbow on the console.

“I’m okay.”

Had he heard her voice squeak on the last syllable?


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My Sexy Saturday–When Lonely Hearts Meet


This week’s theme is a sexy date. What is more sexy that dancing together for the first time? Here are 7 paragraphs from my Valentine’s Day-themed short story, When Lonely Hearts Meet, the second title in my Sugar & Spice Bakery series.

“God, I haven’t heard this George Strait song in years.” He stood and grabbed her hand. “Come on, let’s kick up our heels.”

As she followed him to the square of rapidly filling space, she marveled again at their similar tastes. Years had passed since she’d danced. Within a few steps, they were in synch and he moved her through twists and turns like they’d always danced together. Every new tune that played was one he liked, so they remained on the floor, song after song. Responding to the surprise round of applause, she curtseyed and Wade bowed to their appreciative audience. Laughter bubbled up from deep inside her. Everything about this man felt so right. Why did he have to live so far from her home?

Out of breath and toes aching, Clover jerked her head toward the back corner where they’d left their drinks. “Take a rest?”

Wade threw an arm over her shoulders and steered her through the maze of tables and benches. “Hell, that was a lotta fun.” He took off his hat and ran a hand through his damp hair before sitting opposite her.

She grabbed her bottle and slugged down the rest of her beer. Hair clung to her cheeks and she shook her head to loosen it.

Planting his forearms on the table, Wade leaned forward. “Do you know how sexy you look?”

“Stop that.” But inside, she glowed from his compliment.


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My Sexy Saturday blog hop–Lone Star Angel


My selection as part of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop is seven paragraphs from the first chapter of Lone Star Angel, a western historical set in 1868 west Texas.


Carni’s gaze was pulled to the muscles straining the thighs of his muddy denims. The man obviously worked hard for a living. But, how dare a ranch hand question her? Rudeness was not to be tolerated. Grasping the reins with one hand, she reached under the cart seat to collect the velvet reticule lying at her feet. “I’m tired and I’m cold. As wonderful as our conversation has been, I need to get to the Bar-T ranch. I’ll pay you four bits to direct me to the ranch house.”

She dug out the coins and held them suspended over the side of the cart, staring with a narrowed gaze at the man’s shadowed face. When he sat as still as a statute with only his eyes tracking her movements, her temper simmered but discussing her personal business with a ranch hand was unthinkable. She shook her hand and raised an eyebrow in his direction. “Okay, six bits.” Another coin was added to her hand.

The wind teased her skirts, flipping back the hem to reveal several inches of a red petticoat.

His gaze flicked to the exposed lingerie and the right side of his mouth quirked for just a second.

But she saw his reaction and steamed even more. Taking advantage of the wind’s mischief instead of averting his gaze like a gentleman would. “A dollar for the directions. Take it now, I won’t be offering more.” Money well spent to remove herself from the belligerent company of this sullen man.

Several moments passed before he clucked out of the side of his mouth and urged the horse forward until abreast of the cart. “Whoa, Hades.” He held a cupped hand under her outstretched one, looked up from under the brim of his black hat and winked.

Heat flashed through her at his bold gesture. With a quick movement, she released her hand and let the clinking coins drop into his bare hand. “Your boss will be hearing about your surly attitude.”


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