Guest Release—Liberty Empowered by Alicia Dean



Vampire hunter Liberty Van Helsing is responsible for protecting the humans living on Sang Croc, a tropical island in the French Polynesia. While striving to improve her recently acquired hunting skills, Liberty wrestles with her attraction to vampire, Eli Barkley, estranged son of Rupert, leader of the Evil Ones.

Then the grandparents of a young girl—who Liberty has befriended—is snatched by the Evil Ones, and Rupert offers Liberty a deal: herself for the hostages.

Rupert is certain his son will, in turn, voluntarily trade himself to save Liberty. Liberty has a better idea. Launch a rescue into Rupert’s stronghold. But first she must tap into the elusive Van Helsing strength, and convince Eli he’s not like his father… not anymore.




“Can I talk to you for a sec?” Eli’s expression was calm, but beneath his words, Liberty sensed a hint of anger. Maybe more than a hint. She squeezed Hannah’s hand. “I’ll be right back.”

Liberty followed Eli into the kitchen and leaned her butt against the counter. “Well?”

“I know what you’re thinking, and you can get it out of your head right now.”

“You don’t know what I’m thinking.”

“You want to go rescue her grandparents. But you can’t do that.”

Maybe he did know what she was thinking. “Why not?”

“Not only is the compound well-guarded and dangerous, some of the humans are there of their own free will.”

“So you said, but her grandparents aren’t there voluntarily. I can at least help them.”

He threw his hands in the air and let them drop to his sides. “You have to listen to me. You can’t rescue her family. You’re a hunter, Liberty. Your job is to hunt on full moon nights, not charge off like Wonder Barbie. You are the last of the Van Helsing line. If anything happens to you, what do you think will happen to the people on this island? The Evil Ones will pillage and plunder to their hearts’ content.”

“Nothing will happen to me.”

“I know. Because you’re not going.”

Liberty barked a laugh. “How do you think you can stop me?”

“You forget, I’m stronger than you. If I have to, I’ll handcuff you to me.”

She ran her hands through her hair and shook her head. “I need to get Hannah home. We’ll talk about this later.”

He grabbed her upper arms and captured her eyes with his silver gaze. “Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t do anything without talking to me.”

Liberty twisted free and drew in a stuttered breath. “Fine.”


“I said fine!” She stalked out of the kitchen. She couldn’t make any promises. If she could help Hannah’s grandparents, she would. Yes, it was risky, but what good was she as a hunter if she couldn’t save people she cared about?

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