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Release Promotion–One Winter Knight, a medieval Christmas anthology

One Winter Knight Trade Web

Hear ye, hear ye! Looking for medieval romance? Tales of knights and their ladies abound in ONE WINTER KNIGHT, a wonderful collection of medieval holiday novellas for your reading pleasure!

You’ll be held spellbound by this boxed set of captivating stories from some of today’s top medieval authors, as well as some rising stars in this up-and-coming genre. Lindsay Townsend, Deborah Macgillivray, Cynthia Breeding, Keena Kincaid, Cheryl Pierson, Beverly Wells, Patti Sherry-Crews, and Linda Carroll-Bradd have woven eight excellent Yuletide tales of love lost and found that are sure to keep you reading far into the night. Laced with holiday traditions and the excitement of a bold, dangerous era, Prairie Rose Publications is proud to offer yet another wonderful boxed set of medieval Christmas tales for your reading pleasure.

This collection of novellas makes a wonderful holiday gift for hours of entertaining reading—for others, or for yourself! These stories are certain to keep you enthralled as you read on to find out how these knights and ladies find their very own “happily-ever-after” endings ONE WINTER KNIGHT…

the cover for boxed set
the cover for boxed set

Pre-order now for the November 3rd release

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Behind the story…

Many years have passed since I’d considered writing a medieval setting, but I wanted to challenge myself. The way I got inspired was to look through the travel book I used for my trip to Ireland in 2014. Although the location wasn’t a place we visited, I was intrigued to learn about a motte-and-bailey wooden castle built on a strategic river location that was later rebuilt in stone as Kilkenny Castle. That kick-started the story wheels. Ireland is a country that has seen its share of political strife, and I picked a time when the Norman influence was relatively new. So I was introduced to Richard de Clare, Count Striguli of Normandy, France aka Strongbow, a Norman leader who came to Ireland as an ally to a failing king, bringing troops to bolster the king’s fighting strength, and ended up marrying his way into a kingship. I’d found my setting and the political climate of a people serving non-native born rulers.

Tagline: Will opposing political beliefs and family loyalty keep the lovers apart?

BLURB: Weaver Thordia Ulfsdottir can no longer wait for her brother to request payment for the sword he crafted—the money is needed for food. In Castle Kilburren, she demands an audience with the Earl but is thwarted by a tipsy knight. Rory MacGuignard, captain of the castle guard, flirts, thinking she’s come to provide entertainment and he’s enjoyed a few kisses from traveling minstrels before. Realizing his mistake, Rory arranges a temporary job for this poor but proud woman he’s offended. Time spent in his company softens Thordia’s opinion. When opposing political beliefs and family loyalty rip them apart, Thordia despairs of finding a way back to Rory’s side

Halloween-Themed Boxed Set

Look what’s available for a bargain price of only $.99!! 573 pages of creepy sweet-to-sensual western romance stories.


A boxed set of all twelve novelettes from both western romance anthologies titled Cowboys, Creatures and Calico.

Titles and authors include:

Family Tradition by Kathleen Rice Adams

For Love of a Brystile Witch by Kaye Spencer

Have Wand — Will Travel by Jacquie Rogers

Hunter and Lily Graham By C. Marie Bowen

Spellbound by Cheryl Pierson

The Beast of Hazard by Sarah J. McNeal

The Bridesmaid by Tanya Hanson

The Crow and the Coyote by Kristy McCaffrey

The Legend of Venture Canyon by Shayna Matthews

The Sheriff of Hel’n Gone by Lorrie Farrelly

Wanderer, Come Home by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Wild Injuns, Wicked Trains, and Cerulean Blue by Cher’ley Grogg
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