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Release Day–Montana Sky: Dance Toward The Light


The third book written in Debra Holland’s Montana Sky story world has just released. Dance Toward the Light features the third vaudeville performer, Dorrie Sullivan. She was introduced in the first book as being a friend of the two York sisters when the troupe arrived in Morgan’s Crossing. Well,  in books 1 and 2 Cinnia and Nola have found romance and happiness.

The Great Blizzard of 1886 is over, the snows have receded, and Dorrie is unsure of what her future involves. Enter Valerik Andrusha who barely survived the blizzard and traveled from the Canadian wilds to visit brother Nicolai in Morgan’s Crossing. But Nicolai has taken his bride, Cinnia, to San Francisco to meet his parents.

Normally reclusive, Valerik figures he’ll get much needed rest and relaxation while he waits his brother’s return. Almost against his will, he is captivated by the vivacious woman living in the attached shop who draws him into the community. What does a man who prefers the shadows have in common with a woman who loves the light?

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Angel In His Pocket by Nan O’Beery

Where the Heart Is by Judy Pennell

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Her Gentle Heart by Reina Torres

Magic in Morgan’s Crossing by Janet Wellington

A Family for Christmas by Cynthia Woolf




Spotlight on Backlist Title–Stepping Out Of Line

I don’t know exactly what draws me to dance scenes except that they are often the most sensual aspect of a sweet romance story. Here is an excerpt from a release from five years ago, Stepping Out Of Line, which was included as a title in the Wayback, Texas series released by The Wild Rose Press.



Dev knew he should pull his gaze from her slender throat but the graceful movements as she swallowed were hypnotic. What unique trait about this woman called to him? His fingers tightened on the beer bottle. Quit gawking and say something, dummy. “Band has a good sound. Are they local?”

She turned and nodded, a smile exposing even, white teeth. “Three are from Soledad, about thirty miles away. For this part of north Texas, that’s almost in our backyard.”

“I hear ya there.”

“So you know about rural towns.” She leaned an elbow on the bar and turned to face him, her gaze flicking over his face. “Your accent’s a bit different. You a native Texan?”

“Nope.” Perceptive, he liked that. “Raised in Chenoa, just a wide spot in the road in central Oklahoma. Got a few acres and some cattle there.”

Green eyes rounded and her lips tightened. With a sharp nod, she turned her attention to the mug in her hands. “So, you’re in Wayback for the rodeo.”

His gaze narrowed. What was that heavy note he caught in her voice? Even drawn into a tight line, her lips grabbed his attention. Made him want to make her smile again. “Might be.” If his body cooperated enough to allow him to compete in the upcoming rodeo. “You sound disappointed.”

“It shows?” She lifted her mug and sipped, but kept staring straight ahead. “Sorry. Knee-jerk reaction.”

Again, his gaze ran over her—the slender woman dressed like a native but didn’t like rodeos. Interesting twist. “From where I sit, the rodeo isn’t the only attraction in town.”

She ducked her head then took a deep breath.

Dev would have sworn he saw a flash of white teeth before her red hair swung forward and hid her face. Well, all right. The lady wasn’t immune to his manner—or his attention.

Roxie braced both hands on the bar and stood. “Nice meeting you, Dev, but I’ll be saying goodnight.”

Not so fast. Dev reached out a hand and covered hers. “Hey, don’t go.” Beneath his rough palm, her fingers were warm and soft. He couldn’t resist running a thumb along the top of her pinky.

She lifted her chin and met his gaze, eyebrow raised in question. “Because…?”

The first notes of a familiar Bob Seger song sounded from the jukebox.

“Because this is my favorite song.” He slid his mouth into his best cajoling grin. Keeping a solid hold on her hand, he stood and eased around the stool with deliberate moves. “Honor me with a dance?”

“Honor you?” Roxie tilted her head to the side and laughed. “Wow, I haven’t heard that phrase in years.”

“What can I say?” Dev moved close and slid an arm around her waist, urging her forward. “My grandma was a stickler for manners.” Within a few steps, he stopped and held out his free hand, palm up.

Roxie hesitated for just a second and then slid her hand up his arm to lie on his shoulder. “Manners are good.”


The Wild Rose Press

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Two years ago Roxie Starr left behind her life as a Vegas showgirl and came home to Wayback, Texas to open a styling salon. She claims she’s there to help with her younger sister, but the truth is age was catching up to her body and the time had come to step out of the chorus line.

Fighting against a nagging injury, Dev Laredo is determined to finish one last rodeo. He won’t return to his Oklahoma ranch until he’s won enough to cover his brother’s college tuition. The sight of a sassy redhead sparks his interest, but her tender ministrations to his injury touch his lonely heart. Can two bruised souls put aside their differences and give love a fighting chance?

If this little bit has sparked your interest in this contemporary rodeo story, please follow the link and add this to your “Want To Read” list on Goodreads.