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The Mixed Bag of Family Genealogy

At a Christmas family gathering, my younger sister announced she’d had her profile done by AncestryDNA. When giving her results, my sister emphasized that these were her specific results and her two sisters would be different. Since doing an elementary school project where students researched their family crest and make a family tree, I’ve been curious about my ancestors and where they came from. From interviews with grandparents—the only source available at the time—I learned my mom’s family was mostly Scandinavian and my dad’s was Scots-Irish. So I figured my sister’s results would be approximately what mine were because we came from the same parents. Makes sense, right? Not true.

Luckily, my step-daughter is interested in genealogy, too, and she provided her dad and I with kits for doing the testing. My results came back this week, and I’m happy to know my genetic make-up. But it contains surprises.


Ireland 34%

Europe West 32% (includes France, Germany, Switzerland, N. Italy, Czechoslovakia, Austria)

Scandinavia 18%

Great Britain 8%

Trace regions

Finland-NW Russia 5%

Iberian Peninsula <1%

Italy/Greece <1%

Asia <1%


Compare mine with my younger sister’s


Scandinavia 41%

Ireland 28%

Great Britain 18%

Europe West 9%

Trace regions

Asia 2%

Iberian Peninsula 1%

European Jew 1%

True that what we’d learned through family stories was upheld that we are predominantly Scandinavian/Irish with me being 52%  of those nationalities but she’s 69%. Also true that the same four regions comprise the majority of our genetic makeup, but the percentages are so different.

Now we just need to convince the third sister to have hers done.